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Lakeside achieves zero waste to landfill target

23rd April 2017

In a national first for Colnbrook, the local Lakeside Energy from Waste facility is leading the way by becoming the first in the country to achieve the zero waste to landfill target – and recycle all the residues left behind as it turns waste into sustainable energy.

A joint venture between two well established resource management companies – Grundon Waste Management and Viridor – the Lakeside Energy from Waste EfW facility at Colnbrook near Slough has been fully operational since 2012.

Since then, Danny Coulston – the Lakeside Operations Director – has overseen a steady stream of activities aimed at achieving the very best operating efficiency, reliability and environmental/sustainable credentials for the facility.

Danny Coulston says,

“Our latest achievement – which we are very proud of – is recycling everything from the plant. Most combustion processes – even domestic fires – create ash which needs to be disposed of. We produce two types of ash at Lakeside – and now we recycle 100% of both of these – so nothing goes to landfill.

“For the last 7 years, the incinerator bottom ash (IBA) – which is like the ash found in the bottom of domestic grates – has been transported to Brentford based Day Aggregates for recycling”.

Day Aggregates Managing Director James Day says,

“We use incinerator bottom ash (IBA) from plants like Lakeside to make sustainable, cost effective aggregates suitable for construction projects – and asphalt for road surfacing”.

Danny continues,

“The second ash is a residue from the gas clean up process, called APCr (Air Pollution Control residues). For the last 18 months, a company called Carbon8 Aggregates has been using this ash to make an entirely new, sustainable product”.

Stephen Roscoe, Technical Director of Carbon8 Aggregates explains,

“Carbon8 Aggregates uses an award winning process to recycle these residues and turn them in to a lightweight, high quality, sustainable, carbon neutral aggregate called C8 Aggregate (C8A). This is then used to make building blocks, precast and readymixed concrete and screed”.

Danny Coulston adds,

“We are really excited that the Colnbrook EfW is the first in the UK to reach this industry milestone. It is a credit to the two partners in the business that they have been prepared to commit the time, effort and financial support needed to reach this sustainable achievement”.

Other sustainable developments at the site include using ex SAS personnel to fit 980 solar panels on the sloping southern face of the roof – and installing LED lighting – which uses only 42% of the total original consumption of lighting energy.

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