Planning Application

Planning Application

Public consultation

We have submitted a planning application for a like for like replacement of Lakeside EfW and HTI to Slough Borough Council.

The application is for full planning permission to replace the existing EfW and HTI facilities at Lakeside Road with replacement facilities at a site 600 metres away. It includes the replacement facilities, a new access road and junction with the A4 and a temporary construction compound. The existing facilities will need to be removed to accommodate the land required for proposed expansion at Heathrow.

You can read the main application documents below:

Planning Supporting Statement: This document provides a summary of the main elements of the planning submission. This includes an overview of the proposed replacement, the case for the need for the replacement facilities, details of alternative sites we have considered, how out proposals relate to local and national planning policy, issues we’ve considered as we’ve developed our proposals, and a summary of the way we consulted on our proposals. Due to file size, the Planning Supporting Statement is available in five parts:

Design and Access Statement: This document sets out our proposed design for the replacement facilities. It also sets out the way we developed the design, taking into account the local context of the site. Due to file size, the Design and Access Statement is available in four parts:

Environmental Impact Assessment: This documents sets out how we have assessed the potential environmental impacts of the proposals, including on air quality, community and health, cultural heritage, ground conditions, landscape, townscape and visual effects, natural heritage and the water environment.

This document includes Non-technical summary. Due to file size, the Environmental Impact Assessment is available in chapters:

Non-technical summary

You can find our application in full on Slough Borough Council’s website using the following reference: P/17826/000.

Slough Borough Council will now conduct a statutory consultation on the planning application. You can take part in the consultation by going to the application page on Slough Borough Council’s website.

We would be very happy to answer any questions you may have about the application in preparing a response to this consultation. Please contact us on 0800 0194 576 or for further information.